I don't really like these months when I can't do a big shopping, and have to go to the store so often for little things. I always end up spending more! But we will be going to Saginaw (hubby has doctor stuff down there) later this week, and I can go to Aldi's, Meijer, and/or GFS while there if I want to. Will see what we need when the day comes. We do have enough meat for a couple more weeks, so will probably make a trip to my favorite meat place, Steve's, after the 1st of the month. This month I've been buying meats here in town, when I see them with the big red clearance stickers on them, and that's gotten us through just fine - but I still like to open my freezer and see stacks of meat (and vegetables!) in it, just waiting to be used :).

Anyway - I spent $43.35 at Sav-a-Lot on the 17th which included some half'n'half, some cheese, almost 16# of meat and fish, and some frozen foods. It was a good shopping trip!

This brought my food grocery receipts for the month to $138.74.
For supper I made a fish dinner, photo below. The sauce is simply mayo with a little dill weed, a splash of lemon juice, a sprinkle of Old Bay, and a little cream to thin it out. I also roasted (with olive oil and sea salt) a mixture of parsnips, zucchini, and brussels sprouts, and made my lovely cole slaw.* The fish is a lightly breaded fish from GFS, about 15gN per piece. Cost is about 30 pieces for $19.95 - MUCH less expensive (and less carby!) than going out for fish dinners at the restaurant!
*My cole slaw recipe - I buy great big bags of shredded cabbage at GFS for under 5 bucks. Using some of that, I add a sauce of mayo/cream (3/1 ratio, approx.) which I whip - then a generous amount of seasoned salt and splenda to taste. Simple, and whipping it helps keep the dressing from running to the bottom of the bowl.
Supper was tilapia (no coating) fried fast in olive oil/butter so the outside was browned and lots of crispy bits, but the inside was flaky, tender, and moist. On the side was a package of shiritaki noodles heated in bacon fat and seasoned with sea salt, garlic and onion powder, thyme, and paprika (lots!), then mixed with a half-cup of peas (I wanted spinach but couldn't find it in the packed freezer...there were a few frozen peas left in the bottom of a bag in there though, so I just used those) and about a cup of full-fat sour cream...have I mentioned that I LOVE sour cream? It was the color of a lovely salmon from all the paprika but totally delicious!
My husband makes a wonderful "breakfast fish" - that's what we call it anyway, because he often makes it in the mornings. I can never make it like he does, but it's wonderful!

He just starts with some tilapia fillets, which are thin and cook quickly, and he fries them in butter (although today he used olive oil as well and it was deliciously rich!) with a little seafood seasoning. That's it. Lots of little crispies from the pan, and it is a delight to the mouth, and carb-free, yet Cheap'n'Easy. With a 24 oz package of tilapia for $3.99, a splash of olive oil, a pat of butter, and a sprinkle of seafood seasoning, it is a filling, high-quality, single-dish breakfast or lunch for 2 at real close to two bucks apiece. And takes all of 10 minutes to make. Add a side of veggies and/or a salad and it's supper for about $5 for 2-3.