The ZaTab.

Currently it is selling with an android version as its o/s but I am ever-hopeful that it will sell in the future with linux on board. Will also be watching this one - even as it is, it looks sweet! Sure makes me wish I were a developer...I see it's sold out, hopefully to linux developers everywhere!

As you may be aware, if you have been following the original chiachatter blog, I am trying to degoogle my life in as many areas as possible. And one of the things I want to do is - once I'm ready to buy a tablet PC - purchase it with a linux-based o/s. I currently use linux on my netbook and on my desktop, and like it SO much better than Windows. My smartphone is a Droid, but when this contract is up, my goal is to purchase a feature phone instead, and a linux tablet.

Now I have to interject here that I already HAVE a linux internet tablet. For several years I have had a Nokia N810, which I affectionately call N8 (Nate). However a couple of years ago his screen got crushed and I haven't been able to get it repaired. My heart still cries when I think about him, and even though he's non-functioning at this point (and his linux o/s Maemo is outdated, slow, and not really supported anymore) I just can't give him up. Perhaps when I am able to get a tablet PC...

Meanwhile, I am watching developments and hoping that there will be a realistically (for me) viable and affordable option by spring - like this one!