I know this isn't a spectacular photo, I took it from across the room, then zoomed/cropped with software, and lost a lot of detail. But I like it because it shows these two together.

Klinger the cockatiel was rehomed with me in about 2001/2002 along with his cagemate Trapper. Trapper has since passed away, and Klinger has become buddies, sort of, with Punkin. Klinger and Trapper came to me from a gentleman who could no longer keep them due to health reasons, but he didn't want them to go anywhere they'd be deflighted; having never had their wing feathers cut, he knew how they'd be negatively affected if that ever happened to them. So they came to me.

Punkin came with his sibling Precious, and their "daddy" Papa, along with African Grey parrot Bey (who has since gone to live elsewhere, in a more ideal situation where he is the center of attention - something that could never happen here). I think they were rehomed with me in about 2002/2003. Papa and Precious have since passed on, they were older when they came to me (as were Klinger and Trapper - both were close to 10 I believe). Punkin isn't hand-tame, and so he resides in a larger flight cage. I leave the door open when Klinger is out because the 2 of them "talk" back and forth to each other all day, and Klinger spends most of his own out-of-cage time on Punkin's cage - but Punkin refuses to come out. I don't know why, but I don't force the issue, he is certainly free to do so. Punkin is an old man now and has earned the right to make his own choices - as has Klinger :).

Last but not least is Girlfriend. She came with Maxwell to live with us, from Maine. At the time her name was Miracle, but she soon attached herself to Pete and spent so much time with him that I started referring to her as his girlfriend...and the name stuck when Bey started calling her that too!
She is a precious little green bird, and lately has also been spending time with me as well as Pete. She's definitely opinionated, and the older she gets (she was 9 when she came to live with us) the more she likes things JUST SO! But she's also gentle and sweet and though the 2nd-smallest bird physically, her presence is huge! She gives kisses one minute, and scolds us for something-or-other (usually the birds outside) the next...but soon all is forgiven and she's cuddling up into my neck, or under Pete's beard. We totally love this little girl!

So now you've met all of our birds! This is just a final shot of me with Klinger, Phoebe, and Girlfriend.

If not for our pet birds life would be quieter, our house would be more spacious and probably cleaner, and I'd have time for a lot of things I don't have time for now. But my life would also be emptier and a LOT less fun! There's no question that I get a whole lot of joy from my birds and that they enrich my life. I can't imagine life without them!