OK, slept until almost noon today, about 10-1/2 hours last night. I think it's because I've been having issues/pain for almost 3 weeks now, it's making me feel logy all the time, sleeping at the drop of a hat, nauseated on and off, affecting my appetite, etc. Usually I manage it (damage from severe food poisoning 2006 that damaged my innards) pretty well, not sure what's up now...anyway, got up and used alcohol, cotton balls, and Qtips to clean this computer.

When my Big Nell crashed last summer I bought a new laptop because I had to have one for my job. It was the best deal I could find but it ended up being way too much computer for me - too big, too heavy, too many keys, etc. and my Petey hasn't had a new computer since spring of 2006 (yeah 2006 was a busy year!) so I figured I'd ask him if he wanted the new one. He took it, and I got his old one, which is actually parts from 2 computers...

Let me explain: In 2006 Pete and I bought identical Toshiba laptops. In 2011 I got a netbook (Nellie), so my Toshiba wasn't being used anymore. Meanwhile, some parts wore out on Pete's, so he used mine for parts - at one point he ran over his with the car and damaged the case, so ended up moving everything into my old case, then bought something new - don't recall if it was a keyboard or a screen or what - etc... So this computer is actually a combination of those Toshibas plus something new.

But it works a treat, it may be almost 7 years old but since I run Linux it's faster than a new Windows machine, and totally fine for what I need it for. (I also have an old model desktop, which I use for recording with my Yamana PSR-9000Pro keyboard; yes, that it's outdated too but I love it!)

So while this Toshiba works great, it also needed a cleaning - badly! Since I'm not really up for doing much else today, it got its bath :). And now it looks all shiny and new!

No plans for another laptop this year. I have my Droid but the contract is expensive. Thinking I will just keep it around to use with wifi and let the contract expire...then just get a Straight Talk feature phone and cheaper plan...and sometime this spring get a PengPod. Since they're just out new this month, there should be a lot of feedback on them by then, bug fixes, etc. Not looking for anything fancy anyway, I'm not a fancy kinda person - I'm all about utile. Practical. Cost-effective.

OK, those are my thoughts and plans. As of today. Subject to change without notice. Do not fold spindle or mutilate.