Since fall I have been working on purging while I continue to look at motorhomes. I haven't contacted any sellers or done any advertising (other than my web page which seems to get hits anyway!), but of course I look and dream. Until now I've known that there were some things I needed to take care of before I could advertise in earnest, or even contact people about a barter.

Now I'm seriously looking again. And In the coming weeks I will be meeting with a lawyer to make sure everything I learned online and from the local title company is accurate, and make sure both us and the future owners of our home/former owners of the motorhome will be protected and happy with the barter.

Meanwhile we continue to purge our it me, or does stuff appear somehow to replace the other stuff we got rid of?!? We can get rid of boxes and vanloads of stuff, and looking around it seems like there's just as much "stuff" as there was before! And there are a few little things that I want to do, such as replace some flooring that has worn, repair some drywall in the bonus room, and little things like that, that someone new wouldn't want to have to deal with.

It seems it would be so much easier if we had our motorhome here, we could load it with everything we think we need, and then just get rid of the rest. Who knows? Maybe it will somehow work out that way, where we can have a couple of weeks overlap! Meanwhile we will continue to purge.

We're still looking for the same thing: A larger class C with an overhead bunk and a back bedroom both would be great - the overhead bunk as shelving for parrot cages of course. But they aren't as prevalent as Class A's, where we'd have to make accommodation for parrot cages, most likely by giving up the dinette and installing shelves there instead. We are definitely open to that as well. My birds are overdue for new cages but it will wait until I can see how much space I will have for them; I won't buy any until we are finally in our motorhome.

So within the week I plan to start advertising online heavily (as opposed to "putting out feelers" as I did last year), and we'll see what happens!