...this ministry?

Neither had I. A friend of my husband's told him about it. The website is very basic, but I will do some looking into it.

If you know of any other similar ministries, could you please let me know?

We are going out into the world to spread the gospel message but we will also be craving fellowship with other believers. We love to meet all kinds of people of course, we love to have fun and spend time laughing and enjoying the company of anyone we meet (my husband has never met a stranger!), but there are times when we all need the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of the most difficult things will be leaving our church, as we value our family and worship times there so much.

How do you Christian full-timers meet that need? I know there are churches and other believers everywhere, but there is nothing like the closeness of a church family to refresh and renew and support each other, is there? I haven't yet seen this addressed on the blogs I follow, but would love to see how others deal with this.