...but I wasn't expecting one :).

We're doing some work on the house, accepting the reality that we may have to list it "For Sale or Trade" but either way I want whoever will be getting it have as nice a place as possible, so they will love it as much as we do. Yes, it will be difficult to leave. But we have a goal and since this is the only way we can achieve it, we'll do what we have to do! A big part of our decision (which we're not rethinking by the way, lest anyone misunderstand) is to simplify our lives. Life maintaining both a home and a motorhome would be anything BUT simple!

So I continue to watch my videos, and keep an eye on the ads, and reply to a few to let them know about our web page about our desire for a barter, and pray for God's hand in all of this, His will, His timing.

And we go into 2013 just as determined - if not moreso! and even more prepared, with a cozy home waiting for just the right person to love it, and with the assurance that it is going to happen and all of our happy plans and dreams will be our reality soon!
I was planning to wait until Jan. 1st to move all of my blogs from blogger over to my Weebly site. Meanwhile, I have been frozen from blogging. By my own brain. Having to do things twice, or copy/paste, or decide which site to post what every time I wanted to blog. For the last 4 years, 2 months, and 1 day my brain just stops - or freezes when it is overwhelmed. And apparently all of this change has overwhelmed it because I have been unable to blog after the first few times caused a chaotic response (the "warning sign")... (Yes, I know, "but you seem so normal!" lol!)
So I decided that December 17th is as good a day as any to just do it. From now on, ALL of my blogging will be done at my new site. I will not be using blogger at all, and will eventually take the blogs down, once I get them archived.
I seriously need to be blogging. For a couple of months now I approach both sites with fear and trepidation, literally, and simply can't think of what to post when I log in to either site (even though my mind is full of posts until I sit at the computer!).
Thanks for your patience. Once the logjam is gone from between my ears, the river should start flowing again! :)