Not much :). We got so bogged down with illnesses, schedule changes with work, and a whole lot of other stuff that hit all at once that we've not made any progress at all! But May is the month!

Also, we have had several people ask if we would consider just selling the house outright. So we have decided that we would. It will mean timing issues, such as getting the cash out of the house then finding a suitable motorhome then moving into it within a short period of time...but if that's what we have to do, that's what will happen. Even if we have to rent space for our stuff, I guess. Obviously we continue to pray and seek God's will, and as He opens doors we have our answers; when He closes doors we have our answers too. The fact that people have been interested in possibly buying the house tells me I have to start looking at that as another possibility, another opportunity. (Read The Flood - that's what I don't want!)

Memorial Day in our touristy vacation spot (where there's only a few thousand year-round residents but tens of thousands on holiday weekends and for our festivals!) is HUGE for yard sales. People opening up their cabins for the season, or those who just bought, all needing things. Plus there's a massive craft show in town that weekend, so it is really about the best time all year for a sale.

We're going to have a MAJOR sale to get rid of everything that we're not taking with the exception of the furniture we sit on and the bed we sleep in. But all the extra dishes, gadgets, linens, towels, books, CDs/DVDs, furniture, knick knacks, electronics, tools, you name it - outa here. We will basically be living as we will in our eventual motorhome.

And throughout the month we will be doing things here and there like replacing some linoleum in the utility room, a little painting, power washing the house, etc. so that during that wonderful weekend we will be able to have an open house of sorts as well. Our house isn't worth a ton of money, there have been times in my life when I've had enough in my checking account to buy it :). So it is possible that one of our lovely visitors would love a house at the lake in good condition with a lot to offer that weekend. The plan as it now stands is to go through every room and just pull out EVERYTHING to set out that weekend. The house should look almost bare by the time we're done with it.

That is the goal. We will meet that goal. Because it's going to happen this year, one way or another, it's going to happen. This WILL be the year! This MAY even be the month!

(For info about the house, lots of pictures, etc., please click HERE.)