I already have a ChiaChatter blog. I've had it for 4 years. But now life is changing, and I'm simplifying every area of it. Including my online content. What is now spread across several sites will all be here. Under the VitaInVia umbrella. Because we're moving into the next stage of our lives, and it's all about simple. And it will soon, we pray, be all about Life on the Road...Vita In Via...

Unless you've already been following ChiaChatter, you don't know me. Or the point of this blog. I'm Sherry - ChiaOwl online - and I'm married to Pete. I have a grown daughter, Casey, and a 3YO grandson, Leelan. They live nearby, and figure hugely in our lives. Pete has 2 grown sons and 2 grandchildren who are not in the immediate area.

We have a lot of pets: 2 small dogs, a cat, and 7 parrots. This is considerably fewer than we've had in the past but we are allowing our pet population to dwindle naturally. I can't imagine life without pets; Pete says he'd like to :).

I'm a keyboardist. Got my degree in music in 1980 but now play digital music on my Yamaha keyboards and do some simple, light recording. Some of it will undoubtedly show up around here. I play for the glory of the Lord and to worship; I no longer play any music that isn't edifying in some way.

Pete and I are Christians and worship/serve/fellowship at a small church in the county. I've been living for Christ since 1976, except for a few years when I backslid after my first marriage collapsed. I never want to experience life without Jesus again!

I have a seasonal job, working from spring until fall for a pest control company. 9-5, M-F their calls are forwarded to me here at home so that I can take messages, schedule appointments with the technicians, and answer some very simple, non-technical questions. It is a joy to work for a Christian-owned company with people I truly enjoy and respect.

I don't see any point in moving 4 years worth of content here, especially since it would involve almost endless copying and pasting! ChiaChatter is just that - Chatter about things in my own life, thoughts, impressions, experiences, etc. The things that most people blog about. But probably not important enough to re-read, years later.

I will be taking down my original ChiaChatter blog at the end of this year.

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