So about a week ago I found/assumed that there was a problem with my beloved Yamaha PSR-9000Pro, and I could no longer record directly from the computer into my desktop computer that I use only for that purpose.

Since then, I have spent quite a few hours troubleshooting, changing dozens of settings, swapping different cables with different ports and changing settings again, etc...and finally came to the conclusion that it had to be my sound card in that desktop.

Now I had bought this sound card, the best on the market at the time, in 1998 to go with a brand-new computer system that I ordered especially for music. And I've moved that same sound card from computer to computer since then. That 1998 computer (I paid $3600 for it at that time - wow, what kind of computer that amount would buy now!) is long gone but the card keeps going into every desktop I've owned since.

Like I told my husband, "I paid a lot of money for that sound card, shouldn't it last more than 15 years?!?" LOL!

So yesterday morning, my dear husband, as I slept, took parts from my eMachine (that I have been using with great success for several years after buying it 2nd hand) and parts from an older (2004) desktop of his, and put together one mean machine with all the RAM from both machines, and both hard drives, for me to use for my recordings :). Bless his heart!

Now my kind of recording is nothing special, technically. I just need a machine to run my Audacity program, and to plug my 9000Pro into, and that I can do a little minor editing of my work. That's it. I don't record layers of sound (whatever that's called) until I sound like a whole orchestra, although it's something that interests me and I want to learn to do in the future...

For now, I am once again happy that I can record a few pieces as the mood strikes, thanks to my wonderful hubby!

Just one thing, though? Why does this new-to-me computer keep turning itself on at odd times? When we're not in the room, busy doing something, we hear it suddenly turn on, we hear the Windows startup chords, and it just stays on and runs. All by itself. Isn't that strange???

It just started itself up again a few minutes ago, so I guess I'll go in and spend an hour or so recording...and then, before I go to bed, I'll unplug it!

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