I like most things about this layout, do love the bathroom with the outside entrance so when we're spending time outdoors (something I anticipate we'll do as much as possible!) we won't have to traipse through to use the "facilities", dragging sand and dirt with us. I like the kitchen area a lot, with the exception of the booth for eating of course; more counter space than many others, not as much cupboard space as some. As with all of these, though, I'd adapt in the kitchen if the unit were otherwise suitable for us and our pets. In the living area I'd rather have a couple of chairs than a couch, but that might be easily modified.

I also like that it is laid out with 2 separate sleeping areas. In the "kids' area" I could use the upper bunk on the passenger side (which has a window) for bird cages. Since there is minimal storage in the "master bedroom" area, I could use that storage space in the back for our out-of-season clothing or whatever, and have even more storage on the driver's side after removing the davenport. Back up front, he didn't mention if there was storage under the queen bed - that would be a drawback if there isn't. Ideally I'd rather have the birds where the queen bed is, and the "master bedroom" in the back with that big slideout...but this could work for us.

Anyway, just another video of a travel trailer that might suit our needs, at least as what I anticipate they will be in a few years.

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