I've been considering whether we should wait until 2016 to take this plunge. And I've started to pray earnestly about it. If you don't mind, I want to think "out loud" here for a few minutes...

Neither Pete nor I are in perfect health. I've had a stroke and have cardiovascular disease; I also have arthritis in my spine and elsewhere that make things painful and difficult at times. I've had some other serious health issues over the last few years but these have been mostly resolved through surgery. Pete, however, has some more serious things going on, things that will likely affect his quality of life and his physical abilities to do the things that he enjoys at the least, or will shorten his time on earth at the most.

I have had this on my mind, and have started praying about it recently - very recently - as well as look for God to send confirmation that this would be within His will and plan for our lives. And here is what I've seen/read in the last 24 hours:

A post in an RVing Facebook group urging people not to wait until retirement; she makes some excellent points: "...don't look at life on the road as an extended vacation where you have to have all of the money ahead of time. Look at life on the road as...well...life. Many people have a wide variety of jobs while full-timing which they use to pay monthly expenses. If you wait until the time is absolutely perfect, it might not ever happen."

In that same thread, another woman tells of a life-threatening medical emergency that she survived, and how ever since then she and her husband "decided to never pass by anything we wanted to see or do."

Then this morning I was just browsing the web and "happened" to land on a website that advertised a new magazine that is just out - Faith and Travel. Normally I wouldn't have followed certain links that eventually led me to that site, but today I did.

So today I discussed this with my husband. Oh, we've talked before about "hoping" things would work out so that we could do this earlier rather than waiting until "the time is right"...but today we talked about making it happen, praying about it, asking God to prepare us for this sort of lifestyle and ministry opportunities, assurance that it is indeed His plan for us (although He's already answering that one!)...and showing us how to get from where we are now to where He wants us to be.

We are still in the planning stage, but are now moving into the preparing stage, discussing and deciding what exactly we need to be doing. Selling/giving away most of our belongings, preparing the house for (a) renter/s, training our dogs to be good quiet pets who don't bark at every tiny noise and who will walk calmly on leashes, etc. I'm sure the list will grow a lot longer before it gets shorter!

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