I found another receipt from February - ARGH! It sure was an expensive month! I spent $24.81 at Glen's for some coupon items and things they had on sale...speaking of coupon items:

If you aren't a member of SavingStar, you might want to consider it. You activate certain electronic coupons using their app on your smart phone. When you buy the items you don't see the savings at the register, but once you accumulate enough (I think the minimum is 5 bucks - very low anyway) they transfer the savings into your paypal account! It is always nice to ask for my transfers a few times a year and be able to do something special with it, I'm always surprised at how quickly it builds up!

So, that makes my final total for February $316.46 - YIKES!

But the good thing is, my freezer is full, my fridge is full, and my cupboards are full! I still need to put in a Netrition order, and will probably need more meat before the end of March, but this month should be a much cheaper month!

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