So excited about the bargains we got tonight! At Merchandise Mart I got the best bargain EVER! Cans of yellow squash with onions for only 3¢/can!!! I stocked up! Also got some onion chutney (kind of carby but just a spoonful goes a long way in adding flavor to other dishes!) @ 59c/jar, some FiberOne PB&J bars for hubby's lunches @ $1.29/box of 6, some sourdough rye crispbreads (my 2 favorite flavors, and 4gN per slice - a cream cheese sandwich with these is lunch!) for a buck a box, and some pomegranite vinaigrette dressing for a buck a bottle (great marinade!). THEN they took off another 10% because Monday is senior day! The food total of my bill was just $16.89 - for FIVE bags of stuff!

So now my total on groceries for the month so far is $81.53.

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