On March 1st I had the opportunity to go to Pineview Discount store in McBain. Hubby had a meeting about halfway there so after dropping him off I went shopping. I didn't need a whole lot but that is a good store for stocking up on things that I can always use. I ended up spending $65.36 on about a dozen bags of food that included 19 fresh dairy and meat items! Plus some bulk food baking/herb/spice supplies, sauces and condiments, and snacks to pack in hubby's lunches.

I then went to Marion, just a few miles from there, to see what ValuLand had on sale. Not a whole lot that I wanted or needed but I did get a big bag of yellow onions (10 to the bag) for 85 cents, and found some whole raw almonds on sale that my parrots love, and a bag of frozen sweet potato fries that my grandson loves. The total for human food there was $6.78.

So on the very first day of the month I spent $72.14...and ALL of my cupboards AND my refrigerator AND my freezer are packed full now - I couldn't fit anything else into my kitchen if I wanted to!

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