Actually, not pumpkin at all...

When I was in college what I THOUGHT was pumpkin pie was actually sweet potato pie! I have no clue how they managed that since, at the time, I didn't like sweet potatoes. But I loved it because it tasted just like pumpkin pie...

Fast many years to tonight. I had a leftover roasted sweet potato in the fridge, and a sweet tooth. So I didn't make sweet potato pie, I wanted something a little lighter for summer, but a similar flavor.

Out came the KitchenAid, I peeled the potato and cut it into chunks, then threw a brick of full-fat cream cheese in and mixed until they were smooth. Then I poured in a little vanilla, a lot of cinnamon, some nutmeg, a little brown sugar sub, and a large packet of sugar-free vanilla pudding mix, and blended until smooth. (NOTE: you have to scrape down the sides OFTEN, and don't forget the bottom!) Then, with the speed turned down, I added a quart of half'n'half. (I would have used a mixture of heavy cream and water, had I had some.) Continued to mix after scraping the sides and bottom down again until it started to thicken, then poured into 2 quart serving bowls and put them in the fridge to set.

This made a massive amount of "pumpkin cheesecake pudding". (Hey, if Siena Heights can call it pumpkin pie, I can call this pumpkin cheesecake pudding!) About 2 quarts, judging by the size of the bowls I had to pour it into to refrigerate...

I'm drooling, about to go have some - of course I tasted it before - and I know it isn't REALLY low carb...about 35g in the sweet potato, 48 in the half'n'half, 16 in the pudding mix, 8 in the cream cheese...that's 107 grams. But for 16 half-cup servings, it doesn't sound nearly so bad, at about 7g per :).
7/2/2013 10:12:36 pm

I LOVE sweet potato pie! And butternut squash pie (which is what commercial pumpkin in the can is made of, anyway). They used to call some butternut squash varieties 'neck pumpkin'. I make pie from them almost every year. Another thing about sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and butternut squash that you will hate me for telling you? they are great with vanilla ice cream and chocolate! I'm sorry. That was just cruel. ;)

7/2/2013 11:44:49 pm

LOL! Thanks a lot! But I will try it at some point, with some SF vanilla ice cream and chocolate, upon your recommendation :).

BTW, I am a MAJOR lover of squashes of all types but especially the (carbier-but-so-loaded-nutritionally-it's-justifiable-in-my-diet) winter squashes! Like pumpkin and butternut and hubbard and turban and...well, you know!
Now I've gotta pick up some cream so I can make ice cream... ;)


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