Didn't really have anything cold to serve for supper tonight, so made a "pizzarole" (fried a bunch of pizza toppings and chopped tomatoes together, held together with mozzarella cheese, and big gobs of more cheese melted on top) and ugly fries (whole baby green beans tossed with olive oil, sea salt, and onion powder and roasted on a baking sheet until brown and crispy)...but I have some chicken breasts, think I'll cook those up later and toss them with mayo, ranch, shredded cabbage, and whatever else I can find to throw in there. I'll make a BIG bowl of it and that's what we'll eat for the next few days until the heat breaks...THEN I'm going to shop for some hot-weather foods! We ran out of fresh produce over the weekend and I haven't made it back to Bart's yet.

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