Turns out we couldn't get to the city for a big shopping this month after all, due to illness (mine). So we have to make do, yet again, with local buying. Plus, since I was too sick to shop, hubby did some of it, which means he bought differently than I do, so the bill is a little higher...but I'm not complaining, he has been taking over a lot of things around the house while I've been sick or otherwise unable to do some things these last couple of weeks - he's a heck of a wonderful husband!

So, here are the receipts from the last week or so.

From Walmart, $36.46, which included olive oil, half'n'half, 2# of mozzarella, cabbages, onions, shrimp, and peanuts. (Hubby loves peanuts, and goes through a pound or 2 per week. At $2/lb that's pricey. Need to find cheaper source soon!)

From Sav-a-Lot, $38.33 for food, which included coffee, salad dressing, mayo, dairy, frozen dinners (hubby buys for his lunches for work sometimes), pop, and more peanuts.

I did make it to our meat market last week at least! Spent a total of $71.44 for 29.5# of meat (pork roast, pork steaks, bacon, chuck roasts, ground beef, frozen fish) plus a couple of acorn squash and a couple of sweet potatoes, @2.69 for granulated garlic from the bulk section, and some cough drops for a buck. Meat alone was right around $65, or about $2.20/lb. Pretty good for this day and age, especially for really fresh tasty meat - Steve's is the best meat! (Although Ebel's is great too but harder to get to than Steve's so I rarely go.)

So when I add these receipts onto the $138.74 balance, this month's total grocery bill is $283.97 - which is almost exactly my monthly average for groceries this time last year! In spite of the fact that the cost of food has risen so much, and that my husband did some of the shopping :), it remained the same, that's pretty darned good!

Meanwhile, hubby still needs radiographs done down in Saginaw (home of Aldi's and Meijer and Kroger!) so next month I'll be able to stock up on some things anyway. What we have now will last into March, mostly, but I can't ask him to wait for his Xrays just so I can time my shopping trip...oh if only I hadn't gotten sick! But, it is what it is...

2/12/2013 12:09:48 am

While searching for low-carb recipes I came across your old blog which led me here. I am new to low-carb and I saw you mention Saginaw. I know you live in Houghton Lake area, at least that is what I read in another post. I am in Birch Run which is just outside of Saginaw. Small world! It's nice to bump into other Michiganders on the internet!

2/12/2013 04:39:40 am

Good to meet you Chrystal! My husband actually grew up in Saginaw, and spent a LOT of time in Birch Run as his first love lived there...he used to ride his bike back and forth if you can believe that! It was definitely true love :).

I'm glad you wrote! I also enjoy meeting people here in Michigan via the 'net :).


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