We were given a big hunk (felt like over a pound!) of plain, unseasoned, ground pork at church today. I hadn't decided what to do for supper, and someone offered it to me. I was up for the challenge :).

I put the pork into a medium mixing bowl and added seasoning salt, quite a bit of chili powder, some cinnamon, some onion powder, and a generous amount of brown sugar sub; then I mixed it together well with my hands, thoroughly incorporating the seasonings. I was going to roast some broccoli anyway, so after dividing the meat into 4 BIG patties I put them into a baking pan on the middle shelf, with the broccoli (tossed with olive oil and sea salt) on the top shelf with the oven set at 375.

After about 20 minutes I gave the broccoli a toss and shredded some cheddar cheese on top of it, and also flipped the pork patties. Another 20 minutes and supper was finished.

EXCELLENT meat! Very tender and good! I brushed a little sweet spicy thai sauce on mine, it's carby at 9g per Tbsp but the flavor is strong enough that just a thin layer brushed on is plenty for me. And, of course, the broccoli was as delicious as always!

Just another cheap'n'easy meal idea for low carbers!

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