Supper was a broiled pork chop with a cheesy spinach-noodle side dish.

Spinach dish was excellent. Drained a package of shirataki noodles, then heated in bacon fat with 10 oz. previously-frozen spinach. When heated through, added 4 oz full-fat cream cheese, 2 Tbsp butter, and 4 oz. shredded Italian cheese blend. Reduced heat to low and covered until spinach was thoroughly melted. Enough flavor from bacon fat and cheeses, no salt or other seasonings required. I ate about 1/4 of the entire pan with my pork chop.

Semi-boneless sirloin chops were $1.29/lb on sale. Noodles were $1.99/pkg. Spinach was 59¢. Cheeses used totalled $1.40. Butter, minimal (paid $1.79/lb.). Great supper for a great price!

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